Wednesday, 18 April 2012

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social networking

social networking can be defined as the grouping of individuals into specific groups such as a group of friends, club members etc. nowadays, online social networking has become popular especially among teenagers with the uprising trend of social networks websites like facebook and twitter. Social networks websites function as the online community where registered users are able to communicate, socialize and interact with each other.  people also can share their personal lives through pictures, songs and status updates. one of the benefits of social networking websites is that it helps people to connect with each other. having the social network websites, people can get reconnected with their old friends and also make new ones.

social networking websites are also easy to use and low in cost. actually, most of them are free! in business terms, social networking websites also provide low cost marketing.  on the other hand, social networking websites could be the medium or the spreading of viruses and malware.

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